Evutec - Wood SI for iPhone 6/6s - Black Apricot

Evutec - Wood SI for iPhone 6/6s - Black Apricot

Výrobce: Evutec

SKU: AP-006-SI-WA5

The Wood S Series Bamboo case is the epitome of what Evutec is all about: combining ecology and technology into a beautiful singular design now without the logo cut out.

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    Our unique manufacturing process allows us to create a single sheet of multi-pressed, real wood veneer that is then infused with DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers into a remarkably thin profile at just 0.9mm thin. The single-layer design eliminates the need to "glue" individual pieces together which can easily crack and split.

    Plus, our wood is sourced from responsibly managed, sustainable forests earning us the distinction of being awarded FSC© Chain of Custody certification. Additionally, each Wood S Series case is treated and polished with our specially formulated, five-layered, Evutouch® Coating for exceptionally, easy-to-grip, scratch-resistant protection.


    0.9mm thin

    Single layer, multi-pressed wood veneered outer shell infused with DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers

    5 times stronger than steel at the same weight

    Will not block your GPS, Wifi or cellular signal

    Polished to a durable finish to protect against scratching

    Další informace

    EAN 813158020987
    Barva černá
    Materiál dřevo, TPU
    iPhone kompatibilita iPhone 6s, iPhone 6


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