Tribe Star Wars C-3PO USB Flash Drive 16GB

Tribe Star Wars C-3PO USB Flash Drive 16GB

Производител: Tribe

Парт. номер: FD007506

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... The number one star saga in the world is back! Grab your laser swords because there will be no truce. Who will save the Galaxy from the Dark Side? Sixteen USB flash drives divided into two groups - Light Side and Dark Side. Collect them all!

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    The C-3PO droid was assembled by Anakyn Skywalker in order to assist his mother, though he stands out for being ever-obliging and diplomatic. During the whole saga, he is often in the spotlight because of his various adventures with fellow friend R2-D2, and he plays an especially fundamental role in the Galactic Civil War.


    EAN code 8034135437402
    Цвят Златен
    Дисково пространство 16 GB
    Интерфейс USB 2.0